What sort of titles can I expect to get in the pack?
Our panel of Horror movie filmmakers and fans pick four of the best titles available to us and build a new, curated pack of 4 DVDs every month.

Here is a sampling of some titles we are negotiating for. Only some of these will make into future packs (as we?re also working with indie filmmakers on some fun stuff) but it gives you an idea of what to expect. We are sourcing titles from most of the major studios, as well as the bigger indie distributors like Scream Factory, Dark Sky, Magnet and Full Moon, and some of the truly independent labels like Wild Eye and Apprehensive. All of the packs will be a mystery until unboxing.

American Mary
Bad Blood
Basket Case
Dark Water
Dead Girl
Eight Legged Freaks
Friday the 13th Franchise
Hellraiser Franchise
Killer Eye
Masters of Horror
Paranormal Captivity
Puppet Master Franchise
Rise of the Zombies
Stir of Echoes
The Unborn
Witchouse Franchise
Can I request a title?
At this point we have no plans to take requests but we do listen to our community and try our best to find the titles they want and love. Please join us in the HorrorPack Facebook Group and we can all talk about what we would like to see in future packs.
How do I know I will like DVDs or Blu-rays in the pack?
We like to pick titles that our community, team-members, and subscribers like that are also not currently streaming or in discount bins. We are doing our best to make the service work for us and you by providing quality and value. If you have ANY concerns, please contact us. We need your feedback to make GREAT packs and we want you to be happy with the choices we make.
Will the DVDs and Blu-rays contain extras, or will they be rental/movie only versions?
We are going to do our best to source high quality editions of the DVDs and Blu-rays (we try and send Special Editions when we can) but sometimes they will be the single disc version with fewer extras. To a certain extent, we are subject to what is available in the marketplace each month. We can tell you that we are collectors ourselves and we care about finding the best stuff we can. We also are big fans of indie horror, so we are going to try and include an indie horror title each month as well.
Will the DVD and Blu-ray packs contain the same discs?
Actually, no. The DVD packs will contain four DVD titles, and the Blu-ray packs will contain four different Blu-ray titles. If you sign up for both packs, you will get 8 different movies each month!
Are the HorrorPack discs new and sealed?
All of our movies are brand new, shrinkwrapped copies. We are not shipping any used or previously viewed films.
When do the HorrorPacks ship each month?
Each month the pack closes on the 15th, and we begin shipping shortly thereafter. All packs are generally shipped by the 20th of the month. If you sign up after the 15th of a given month, you will receive the following month's pack as your first pack.
Do you send BD-Rs? What is a BD-R? Someone told me they were bootlegs.
Let's address that last statement first. We do not send bootlegs. We either purchase studio glass mastered discs from authorized resellers, or in the case of our exclusives, we pay the filmmakers directly to license their title. One of the best things we have been able to do at HorrorPack is to help get independent horror films out to a wider audience and compensate the filmmakers at the same time. We will never send bootlegs.

Unfortunately, for smaller print runs, replicated glass-mastered discs are cost prohibitive for our service. Additionally, we have started working with independent labels who also have the same cost concerns regarding glass-mastered discs. The lower cost option is a BD-R disc, which is a recordable disc that is pressed blank and then content is added to it after pressing. Occasionally, as part of our service, we will send a professional, thermal printed and packaged BD-R disc. These discs are not inkjet printed or run in the back of our warehouse, those discs are made in a professional production facility just like a standard glass mastered BD-R would be pressed. These discs play just fine in the vast majority of Blu-ray players. The one exception to this is the Microsoft XBox One, which does not play BD-R discs because Microsoft has limited the functionality of that player.

As our subscription numbers grow, we will revisit the topic of providing glass mastered, replicated discs if it becomes more affordable, which it does at high print numbers. In the meantime, we want our customers to be aware that we do sometimes send BD-Rs. It is unlikely that we would ever send more than one BD-R title a month.